Numbness in Fingers after Broken Collarbone

I broke my right Clavacle in a mx crash about 5 weeks ago it seems to have healed well with no pain and full movement , the hospital did not plate it just left it to set on its own ,as it healed my 4th and 5th fingers have a semi numbness a very strange feeling ,i have full stength , I didn't notice this when i first had this injury , have i done permanent damage or can it be treatable ?

I recently fractured my scapula and seperated my AC and have the same numbness/almost pins n needles to my 4th n 5th fingers. My physio recommended some exercises to work the tendons for as they can get pinched or strained by the injury. The exercises helped me so maybe go see a physiotherapist.

numbness occurs either because of direct injury to the brachial plexus, or a manunited fracture and its associated healing bone callus impingeing on the brachial plexus.

In the case of an AC separation, it from traction on the nerves as the arm is no longer supported by the clavicle.

Both of these situations require operative repairs.

I had numbness in my hand after I broke my clavicle...I had full range of motion and nothing hurt but had the after talking to Dr Mark I agreed that my clavicle should be repaired and put back to its correct anatomical position with a Ti plate and bone graft....that was back in feb '08...today110% recovered no numbness and feels like I never broke it..

Get it fixed.....:thumbsup:

I can tell you from experience both ways, I felt a lot better with a plate holding things together in the correct position. Now I have a malunion in progress and have odd pains in my right arm and pressure on occasion. Getting it fixed ASAP I suggest you do the same.

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