Dr D exhaust application?

yes it will fit

I had one on my bike

It worked very well and sounded great

You could probably get away with just the slip on if they still sell one for that bike

That was my next question, Is the header worth the extra $$. I found the slip on for $336 shipped with the quiet insert. If any won knows of a better deal please feel free to chime in.

Contact Matt at www.qualitysmart.com

you dont need the header as your 05 already comes with a yz header. a slip on will do wonders for you...

Qualitysmart are they guys I found with the $336 price. I will most likly get it from them. Man what great customer service. I think I will use the $$ I would have spent on the header for a YZ exhaust cam. :thumbsup:

do the cam mod

It makes the motor run real nice like it was built to run

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