Whats the best brake fluid

What are you guys running.:moon:

I do not want to get crazy but would like to know if there is a good one out there.:thumbsup:

I use castrol srf it has the highest boiling point of any fluid

but 70$ for a pint is a bit much

i think motul is pretty good

i use bell ray dot 4

Bel ray is cheap and plenty good, i've even used Napa dot 4 before but get the belray for just a couple dollars more. The differences between fluid brands will mostly likely never be felt at the lever unless it's under extreme conditions.

Valvoline Syntec. Its DOT 4 and cheap so you can change it regularly, keeping out dirt and moisture if it happens to get in there somehow, without breaking the bank...just my .02 cents


BelRay Dot 5


Exactly! You don't need anything special, just some fresh dot4:thumbsup:

I use Motorex 5.1.

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