ride this weekend

anyone riding this weekend? Never been to lpnf would like to go ,or calcity spangler or wherever I just want to ride.

7:30am MkyDs HWY 138 and Interstate 15. 11-13-08 Show up.


can't ride till the weekend 11-15 or 11-16


Are you still looking to ride? What's your location?

Looking to go ride tomorrow, anyone? :thumbsup:

If anyone is trying to head north out of the San Fernando Valley,change your route!All freeways in the area are closed as of 5:00 am 11/15/2008 because of the Sylmar fire.I saw this heading to work,I have to wait until tomorrow to do my riding.If it's an option,just take the 15.If not,the 101 to the 23 to the 126 will get you around it.If you live in the area,my prayers are with you.Stay safe.

I lost internet service .it's all good now . Would still like to ride on sunday anywhere. I would prefer not in Gorman park,lpnf or anywhere else

I meant anywhere but gorman park

Even the 91 at green river is closed last i heard. May be stuck in Orange County.

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