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2nd Annual West Coast TT Ride is Schedualed

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The 2nd annual West Coast Thumpertalk ride is scheduled and ready to roll.

So mark your calendars, start training because this year is going to be better, longer and Bigger then last.

Dates are Scheduled for

Friday May 23rd - Monday May 26th *** Weekend After Mommies Day

Forrest Hill, California Morning Star Camp Grounds

Contests will Include:<ul type="square">

[*]Tire Change - this will be a contest of elimination by the fastest Tire change wins

[*]Air Filter Change - this will also be an elimination contest - Base in Categories (Bikes)

[*]Roost Away - Contest to be judged for Longest/Highest/styled Roost

[*]Camp Site freestyle -- We are steeling this Idea from a TT Member skthom2320

Rides will be Guided from Beginner to Expert, or Open for just free ride if you like.

*Note* We need volunteers to start coming forward to Guide the Forrest Hill Loops. We Need:

<font color="purple"> <ul type="square"> [*]A Level or Expert Level Guides

[*]B Level or Intermediate Guides

[*]C Level or Beginner / Novice Guides

<font color="brown"> If you are willing to help as a guide, please PM Cisco, Fryboy, Blue One or E.G.O.****

More information will follow in a few weeks mark the calendar setup your

bikes and start timing your tire changes.

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that sounds like fun. I take it we can camp there? Also, I get the impression there a lot of hoops to jump through to ride in CA? We'd have to get stickers(?) and a noise test?

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Hi DRZ Family,

Yes you can camp there. The campgrounds are really nice. They have free hot showers, a nice swimming/fishing lake, paddle boat rentals, and great hiking/mountain bike trails.

I think you would have to contact a Forest Ranger and have them issue you an out of state use sticker for $20.00. I don't have any more info but can get it for you if you decide to come. There is a sound limit of 96db's but will be a grace period of about 6 months at Foresthill. As long as you aren't absurdly loud (over 101db) they won't hassle you.

Make sure you have a spark arrestor.

Hope to see you there! It will be a great ride. Bring the family !! :)


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We'll sure give it a try! the bikes are stock so I'm sure db's aren't a problem. Long drive though.

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