What's Up With This?????????????

I just got a copy of the Jan 03 Dirt Bike issue.In the Mister-Know-It-All section it talks about the 03 mod.he says you have to buy a whole top end to get this to work.Why would he say that, since all you do is change the exhaust cam?Does he know something we don't or is he talking about something he doesn't know much about???? Hutch

There was a thread on this recently. I think the concensus is that it would be a conflict of interest for him to recommend the mod, as opposed to the idea of buying a whole new bike... Yamaha is a big advertiser, after all. If he suddenly lets the cat out of the bag about the cam mod, Yamaha could interpret that as sandbagging sales of the '03s. I guess that's plausible. :)

Thanks WROOSTER I didn't realize this was already covered. Hutch

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