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(((((((((( WCTT2 Update 5/05/03 ))))))))))

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My bike has an air filter? Oh no what did I get myself into. A whole lotta fun I guess. :D Just bought a new TTR250 and am looking forward to joining you guys up in the forest hill area. I'll be the "kook" with the shiny girlie bike. :)

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Ya, forest hill is by Auburn, Ca, an hour or so north of sacramento. I have yet to ride there, but I hear it's bitchin'!

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:DMORNNING STAR IS FULL -- There are Open RV spots Call Today -- Read this all the way through...


********** ATTENTION RV CAMPERS **********


Those of you that are in an RV Spot, You can have up to six people. Please be an over flow for those that do not have a camping spot.Camp A is full there is no open spots we have a waiting list if you can be a over flow we can accomidate everyone, Please PM, Blueone, Cisco, Fryboy or Myslef

Morning star has some RV spots open Call Now Call today

RV'rs / Campers

<ul type="square">[*]Tom Maguire, Wife and Two Sons *RV :D

[*]Blue One And Family WCTT1 Participant *RV :D

[*]Heckler , Tony Da Chef and Nephew *RV :D

[*]Bpine, Son & Bob Jones *RV :D

[*]Stinez, Wife and Possible 3 more *RV :D

[*]pschiess *RV :D

[*]topgunrk *RV ;)

[*]Slowpoke and wife, wr450f and minithumper :p

<font color="purple"> If you are coming to the West Coast ThumperTalk Ride

and Are bringing a RV, 5th Wheel, Tow-Camper-Trailer or Self Contained Camper Be Advised:usa:

<font color="orange"> You will need to call Morning star after April 15th to make your own reservations

You can reach them at (530) 367-2129. Advise Pete you are with the Thumper Talk group


Here is the number Telephone (530) 367-2129




************MUST READ -- MUST READ -- MUST READ ************


Here is the list of Sign-ups, Now its time to Commit. We need to get over the next 13 days a commitment response. We will need to give a count to Morning Star Camp of the Names of those camping in grp A. Please go over the list and Reply Yes or No. It is important to know the numbers ALL we have a waiting list at this point. PLEASE RESPOND BY MAY 12th, If you do not respond by May 12th your spot will be made available to those waiting.

IMPORTANT All Guides Please get in touch With Cisco ASAP

For those That are RVing or Campers and have already reserved your spot, No Need To Respond

Those That are not signed up and bring an RV ya better make reservation Now

:usa:Update:usa: Moring Star Camp grounds are full, Sugar Pine staging area allows camping, this is free and is a first come first serve. Sugar Pine is just about a mile before Morning star.

We have run out of space in Camp Group A

RV'r / Self Contained Campers, CALL MORNING STAR TO BE PUT ON


It is extremely important to get your Committed response to

the West Coast Ride By May 12th

The Following Members are committed and reserved 39 total

<ul type="square">[*]jaybert600 + 1 Friend

[*]Mark Bailey and Son WCTT1 Participants

[*]DP400 Wife Son and Daughter WCTT1 Participants

[*]dfornyay + 2 DP400 Guests

[*]motojason & Wife WCTT1 Participants

[*]Kevin & Wife WCTT1 Participants Friends of Motojason

[*]Power Puke Paul WCTT1 Participants

[*]wrmike250f & Son Arron WCTT1 Participants

[*]E.G.O.**** And Daughter WCTT1 Participant

[*]FryBoy WCTT1 Participant WCTT Guide :D

[*]Cisco WCTT1 Participant WCTT Guide :cool:


[*]suzuki_stu WCTT1 Participant

[*]Carvingmud WCTT1 Participant

[*]dennis frisk

[*]brian kime

[*]Motomanfan + Wife


[*]raceinace WCTT1 Participant + 1 Maybe Sunday Arrive

[*]jschner WCTT1 Participant & Cuby Thurs - Sat

[*]Kawiduel + 2

[*]rwheeler & Son

The Following Members Have NOT Committed and Need toTime is

Runnign Out

<ul type="square">







[*]Brian Sorby

Again it is extremely important to get your commitment in by May 12th We have members waiting. After May 12th the List of names goes to Morning Star, I will update the list as we go. But once it hits 40 we can not guarantee access into Morning star. There are stage / camp areas out side and just a few yards away form camp A. You will need a fire permit if you choose to camp in these staging areas.

Non Campers Will need to Pay Day Pass or Stage

<ul type="square">[*]Coach Stopping in Friday to say hello *Not camping

[*]tim_martin + Friends and will be a Guide WCTT2 Guide :cool: Saturday




*************SIGN UP HERE*************

Please use this link to sign up for the ride.--> Sign Up Here <-- --> WCTT2 Printable Flier <--

:cool: <font color="purple"> --> NEW -->Attention All Camp Grp A attendees

As last year we will split the cost of the Camp fees on a per head basis. This makes it way cheaper then getting your own Camp site ***PLUS CAMP GROUP A IS TENT ONLY***

<font color="brown">Links to Morning Star Lake, Forrest Hill Trails and Ranger District

Morning Star Camp grounds -->Great Camping <--

Forrest Hill Info -->Forrest Hill Trail Information <--

Forrest Hill Info -->Forrest Hill Trail Maps <--

Forrest Hill Info -->Ranger District <--

:) <font color="purple"> Special Item Added This Year

Saturday AfterNoon BBQ to Benefit Blue Ribbon Coalition

We are Hosting a Saturday Afternoon BBQ of Tri-Tip Sandwiches, Soda, Chips and Potato Salad Hotdogs will be provided for kids all proceeds collected will be donated to the Blue Ribbon Coalition in Behalf of Thumpertalk Riders WCTT2. What a way to start a great weekend by supporting those who fight for our right to ride :D

Info on the Ride this year

<ul type="square">[*]Who: Open To all Thumpertalk Members, Families and Friends

[*]What: Fun, Guided Rides, Contests, Swimming, Fishing and more

[*]When: Friday May 23rd - Monday May 26th *** 2nd Weekend After Mommies Day

[*]Where: Forrest Hill, California - Morning Star Camp Grounds 45 min N of Sacramento

[*]Why: To bring the community of Thumpertalk together out from behind the screen

[*] Yes 2 Smokes Allowed

Events / Contests / Rides

<ul type="square">

[*]Roost Off Open to All

[*]Guided Loops with Experienced Forrest Hill Riders All Classes A - C

[*]Saturday Afternoon BBQ for BRC

[*]:cool: Update :cool: Family Poker Run Saturday After BBQ

:cool: --> Update Contest Rules will Be Posted ASAP. What Rules? :cool:

:cool: -->Updated--> Special Note and Instructions:

We have over 48 signed up now with room for 40 in the main Campgrounds, Out of the 48 Signed 11 Are RV/Campers, and 1 commuting from Local everyday. We will have direct access to the rear gate

for easy access to forest hill loops. We really encourage you to sign up space will shrink fast.

NO DOGS unfortunately.

Added Notes:

Directions to Morning Star:

From Auburn Hwy 80 at Lincoln

Continue to forest Hill about 17 miles + -

There will be a BEACON Station on the right hand side.

From the beacon station drive 9.5 miles Turn Left at the Sugar pine Sign (It comes up fast, Left Hand Side).

Follow the road down about 3.5 miles keeping to the right, following the morning Star Sign

you should come to a 3 way intersection follow that straight thru about 2 miles up the road to the right will be the Morning Road it turns to gravel.

Follow that to the gate on the right hand side thats Morning Star. Check in With Pete or Kay

See Ya there... :cool:

<font color="#666666"> Disclaimer All Participants of the WCTT ride will need to sign a waiver. Waivers will be available at the sign in table.

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