CR style front brake routing....

Yep I did a search and this hasn't been covered in a while. I want to do this to my YZ250. I can just stick with the OEM fork protectors right? Where is everyone getting there new hose? Does it come pre-cut out of the box so that I can just hook it up? I also plan on putting a Braking Wave rotor on...PIctures of this on anyone's bike, would be greatly appreciated....But the biggest question I have is WHERE to get the materials I need for this project. Thanks guys.

you can use the stock fork protectors, the hose clamp that goes on the forks, well, you can just the stock one on the bottom of the left fork.

so basicaly, all you need for this is a different hose.


Is that aftermarket fork guards on your bike or stock? If it's stock you cut out the holders right? Where is the CHEAPEST place I can get a braking wave rotor? bto? rockymountain atv?

I think you can read about it on Motoman393 web page in the tech section. He did the CR fastline on the 426 and I think he has something on his web page. :)

motodad393, do you know if Garrett's front brake bod would work on a 03 250F?


He did do a CR route, however it wasn't to in depth for us mechanically challenged... =). Do you have to replace the stock fork guards with after market ones? Where Can I get the cheapest rotor wave? etc.

I ended up getting my rotor from Good prices and service.

old blue,

I sent you a PM, I just purchased one of your things off of e-bay.

Is it worth the time any money to route the brake line this way? I have read a little about it but was curious if it made that big of a difference.

My confusion is are you guys actually using CR lines for this? or just relocating the OE YZ lines with the use of the clamp?

I just wasn't sure if the fittings were the exact same size or not (from CR to YZ) and the YZ ones are a bit long for this, correct?




No - you don't buy OEM Honda stuff. Fastline makes a "CR routed" brake line for the YZF. It is the correct length and "bend" to route CR style. The stocker won't work, it's too long and bent different.

Cool. thanks - I was vy confused if it was a designated CR Rtd. YZ line, or if it was just a CR line. Now that I know, Ill have to pester the RMATV folks some more - thanks! :)


Just purchased my braking wave rotor from BTO sports for $230, and the front brake line from Ride Eng. I hope it works well I really use my front brake about 90% of the time.

wholly crap! Ive been jacked!! I built a bracket like that when I bought my 00' a year and a half ago. Oh well, he who hesitate is lost.

If anybody wants it, Ive got a brand new fastway CR route line, still in the bag. I ordered it and they sent me two. I tried to send it back but they said just keep it!!

I'll sell it for 60 bucks. email me if ya want it.


you'll love it.. did you get the over size wave rotor? the os is full floating, don't think the stock wave is.

also, the braking front caliper is awesome.. 1 finger braking....

oh, and not sure if it was just the floating rotor, but made a funny noise until it was broken in...

you should like the rotor over stock for sure...

I just assumed it was oversized when I ordered it from BTO. I told him I wanted the Braking wave rotor, and he told me $235. So I just figured its over size....didn't know they had two sizes?

I had it on my CRF and it was awesome, it came with a caliper and brake pads....Hope I got the right stuff.


I looked around BTO's websitea and couldn't find any info wave rotors. Doing a few searches I did come across several some other references. Like a company in the UK. Have a look at this site. The pricing is in British Pounds so you almost need to double the numbers you see.

Go-Fast (UK website)

I later found reference to what looked like the same thing with a US company.

Wave Rotor (US company)

Either of these similar to what you ordered? I'm guessing with anything oversized you need a new caliper or modified mount to move the stock product.


if you ordered the one that gives you that little caliper spacer, then it is oversized... if you don't get that caliper spacer, than you may have the stock size.. when i put the braking caliper on my buddies bike, it was designed just for the OS rotor so didn't need the spacer piece..

i hope you got the right one..


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