Numbers, and Backgrounds

Where can I get pre-printed backgrounds with the "slanted" number styles that all the supercross guys are running now (anyone see Heath Voss's or Nick Wey's bike?) It looks great.


I was hoping if anyone knew EXACTLY what heath voss and nick wey were running on there bikes, I think it could be acerbis...I don't remember socaldecal. com having numbers that were "slanted." I'll call tommorrow.


SoCal decal doesn't have the slanted numbers. I ordered a set of backgrounds from them and wanted the same thing as you, but no go. Here are pics of what my finished number plate backgrounds looked like from SoCal. CLICK HERE. Click on the thumbnails at the right of the page to see a big picture.


If you know what the Font is or have an example Socal can and will accomadate you...There is a charge for special orders as there is with any other custom graphics shops....

Bonzai :)

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