1998 YZ400F Graphics (Red & Black) Going Retro...

I converted my 1999 400F to white plastics, including the gas tank, and also stripped the frame down and repainted it black. Now I want to finish up by putting the graphics from the 1998 400F which was sold in France, Italy, and Canada I believe...this model: http://www2.yamaha-motor.fr/actu/IMG/jpg/ym50_doc15-yamaha-yz400f-1998.jpg Anyone know how to score a set of these graphics? I called a dealer in Canada, they can't gaurantee it is going to be the set I want if we order, and the price is $300+! (Ouch!!!) I am currently looking into the custom graphics sector...Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Pete

You might like this. Doug Henry's 1997 Works YZ400F:


Yep Gray, thats what I'm shooting for! I love that bike, that is the YZM400F. I am looking for those graphics, but they are hard to find. The 1998 models in other countries were released that color with those graphics. Has anybody bought these graphics for their white 400F or 426F???

One other cool thing, check out the aluminum gas tank and double header pipe, pretty trick...:thumbsup:

There is actually very little of that engine in the '98 model.

That's correct! It was handbuilt for Henry...matter of fact, very little of anything made it to the actual '98 model...The frame was hand built, the subframe consisted of carbon fiber, the exhaust was titanium, and much of the motor I'm sure was just too expensive to mass produce (not sure of the details.) I guess we were limited to the cheap, easy to make, mass produced version!

That's because there's no money in works bikes, no matter what the price, and to be able to afford mass production for the public, it has to be salable at a price that won't set off a bunch of whining.

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