does any1 have the BBR FREE FLOW SYSTEM FOR TTR125L or and other bike, does it actually add 1/2 horse? is it worth 80$

I have it on my TTR125L. It feels like it makes a difference on top end and throttle response. BTW, I run a 110 main jet, middle clip on the needle, 2 1/2 turns on the fuel screw, with a 17.5 pilot. The bike runs nicely. :)


where can i find TTR BBR FREE FLOW SYSTEM i would like to get one for my bike.Like websites or somewhere i could call.



a have a question for cyclenut51 or any1. I have a 2002 TTR125L and a Big Gun pipe and BBR freeflow system(just got it) and i have a 112 main jet and i didnt do anything to the pilot or anything else. what else should i do for the carb? thanks

I answered your PM.

what is the free flow system? and what does it do?

TT-R 125 Free-Flow Filter Kit $79.95

Description: High-performance, high-flow filter element and filter base for the TT-R 125. Filter base is CNC machined from HDPE plastic.

Features: • Replaces stock filter and base

• 3 times larger than stock filter

• Adds almost 1/2 horsepower

• Computer designed and CNC machined

Applications: 430-YTR-1201 TT-R125 Free Flow Air Filter Kit (00-03)

430-YTR-1202 TT-R125 Free Flow Filter Only


I cant get the pic to work . checkit a

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