Tire size for the rear ??

I am ditching the stock dunlops, oem rear is a 110/100/18 going to swap with a michelin S-12 130/80/18 is this the same size tire as the oem dunlop or do I need the 140/80/18 S-12? I pretty much got the front one figured out 90/90/21 michelin S-12.


130-80-18 or 110-100-18 is correct. My neighbor sold me his 120-90-18 S-12 for 45 bucks so I am running that for now since its MUDDY. It is way skinnier than the 130. Spins alot more too since it is a bit lower profile as well.

I run a 140-80x18 S-12 all the time. It last forever and the motor pulls it fine.

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