Broken WR450

After picking up my new WR450 from the dealer yesterday, I took the unit home and started to perform the 3X thermal break-in warm-ups. On the second warm-up start I pushed in the starter button, started the engine, released the button - and the entire starter button, w/ pressure spring/tab flew across the garage. Finding the parts was one thing, but I could not reinstall, or by that point even wanted to do so. It was 3:00PM Saturday when I got to the dealer. They installed a Yamaha starter switch from an Yamaha ATV and it works fine, but what a shocker. When I get the replacement switch w/ wiring loom I'll install it. But if it fails again on the trail, I'll have to hot wire it like I am jacking the bike.

Also, dealers are re-jetting the pilot too low (#40) for high altitude (5K ft.), causing RPM fluctuations during constant throttle position up to to 1/4 open. I richened to pilot adjustment screw out one full turn. This helped a little, but I will need to go to a bigger pilot jet (#42 or #45).

Incidentally, the hyra brake switch from Baja Designs is too tall to fit the space between banjo/head bolt and the subframe. I'm fabricating a plate to lower the master cylinder down 1/4", and readjusting the brake lever height.

Other than that all the aftermarket parts from my 02' WR426 (sold) fit - except the skid plate. I needed to drill another hole in the rear to mount it to the frame.

I got a universall brake light switch from a shop,you know the ones that work on the rear brake with a spring when you push down the lever it pulls the switch on!,well to get it to work on my 426 i took the switch apart and moved the little metal collar which is fitted on the rod(this makes contact when the rod is pulled down)swap the collar and the plastic spacers around so that the switch is now held off when the rod is pulled,so when you push down on the lever the lever the rod want`s to return making contact inside the switch!,i have mine fitted to the inside of the frame just back from the foot peg(there was already a small hole there to bolt it onto just by the slave-cylinder)then i put a small self tapping screw in the back off the brake lever near the bottom to clip on the little spring that is fitted on the end of the rod to work the switch,so now the switch is held in the off position and when i press down on the brake lever the switch wants to return to it`s original off position but because the metal collar inside the switch has been reversed the switch will now come on!.I find it works real good and was cheap and easy too fit,the only part of the bike i had to work was to drill a little hole for the screw on the back of the brake lever,never could understand why the bike was fitted with the rite bulb`s but not wired up!

Is there a backup kick starter on the WR450?




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