buying in Canada?

I am thinking about buying a bike from a dealer in Canada that will ship the bike to me in NC. Did a quick currency conversion and the Candaian list for a YZ25F comes out to a little less that $4900 US. Can anyone recommend a good dealer for this? Also, any input on what problems I should expect and what a reasonalbe price from Canda is would be great. Thanks.

I tried to buy a 03 250F from canada and every dealer was over $5000 delivered, this was a month ago and the bikes were a little rare, but anyway I bought 1 locally for $4925. Maybe you should check your local dealer just to find out. My dealer was not selling snowmobiles like he had planned, and was willing togive me a deal just to move some stock. Good Luck, Mike

By the way it is a great bike

Check with Lon at Harbor City Motorsports in Nanaimo, BC.

I just got a CRF from him and my riding buddy TT name the Fiddler got a YZ250F at the same time. It was very easy.

Red Barney

I have already check locally. The bikes don't hang around long enough for the to be willing to deal. Maybe if I can get a good quote from Canada, I can use that to bargin with.

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