Looking For Radiator Dimensions

Hey, I was wondering if somebody could do me a quick favor. I'm using a yzf450 engine for a small race car application (FSAE for those who are familiar) and need to know the height, width, and depth of the radiator cores for sizing out some custom ones. Thanks in advance.



First, we need to know whether this was an engine from a YZF450 quad, or from a WR450 motorcycle. From the pictures of the engine, it's clearly not a YZ450F bike engine. If you'd like the dimensions of the quad radiators, go to www.atvtalk.com and post there.

You are right the engine is actually from a YFZ450, but I'm looking to run two radiators like the bike so that is why I am asking here. The water cooling needs between the two engines are close enough for my purposes.


The core of the '06 YZ450 radiator measures about 5" wide, with two rows of tubes spaced 5mm apart (the core is about an inch thick), and is 9 3/4" tall.

Thanks. I appreciate it.


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