The z-Start auto clutch. Even thou the manufacturer still has a bug to work out the z-Start put a big smile on my face.

Braking oversized front disk. Incredible feeling and stopping power. I can't live without now.

Winter traction studded tires and grip heaters.

2003 CRF450R :)

As T rex states - the bike!

'01 KTM 520SX!

FOR the bike - Enduro Engineering Clutch slave guard. $50 that took a beating and saved me a few hundred in repairs when my chain snapped.

Not bike - '02 Toyota Tacoma!!

I'm with T- Rex for sure!

I am in total agreement with T-Rex. The 2003 CRF450R is by all means the best bike you can buy right now. I have never ridden anything that even comes close to the power, handling, and the ease of going fast. If I could race mysself against the KX250 I own, I know the CRF would be the faster of the two.

T.Rex is correct, the CRF450R. I have owned some nice bikes and this is the best bike hands down.

Red Barney

The bike, then auto clutch (I have EFM) i am sure they are all good.

Oh, and one more, i didn't buy it,but got it of Santa a Camelbak, they are awesome.

my 03 crf 450 is without a doubt my nicest ride to date!


Motion-Pro chain breaker! :)

Well I just bought and fitted those WC Rad braces, and I thought there was a fire on our property...I started the CRF and off I went to check!!! Across a big steep rocky hill, and it is so dry down under, the rocks came away, and I kinda diagonally side swiped this big bugger of a tree!!! Well, it bent the Sh*T out of the Brace, but it saved the radiator!!! SO, although I am not too happy, it could be worse!!! DINGA

As tex put it. CRF450 2003 with winter studs and auto clutch, lights coming. nuff said.

CRF 450R :) For Sure!

Look below for great products.

If its no good it comes off the list.


Besides the bike I guess from a "value for the money" point of view the msr radiator guards. 25.00 verses the devols that are 60 I think.

Also even a better deal I just thought of was the bar clamps, mounts and oversize renthal bars - all for a 100.00 The bars alone are like 80 or so. Got rid of the cramped feeling.

The best product however is not really a product at all but listening to you guy's right here on T.T.

My YZ250F

Don't contaminate our forum good sir or it will be dueling pistols at dawn :)

Z Start Auto Clutch.

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