426 Stator cover leaks

Has anyone had any luck with high temp RTV silicon to make a gasket for the stator cover for a 426?

it could very well work, but if you want to do something less messy, you can buy sheets of gasket material at your local auto parts store and just trace it out and cut it to fit. Custom and clean. Just my .02

The gasket is only $6 at your Yamaha dealer, just replace it. :thumbsup:

Ya but this is for an E-line stator cover and they no longer make them.

The gasket between the stator cover and crankcase should be the same as stock.

If you need to seal the inner/outer cover of the e-line, use YamaBond sealer for crankcases, etc.

In order for it to work, the joints must be clean and oil free. Smear a light coat on both surfaces.

Thanks Gray... ya I put a new Yamaha gasket between the case and the cover, but its the inspection cover on the E-Line that is seeping. It looks like it was put on too tight by E-Line and crushed the paper.

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