Hatfield Mccoy Trails

Has anybody been on these Trails In W.V.? I want to take my son and son-inlaw riding there in spring. Which trail is the best? We are experienced offroad long distance riders. Is this place a zoo on weekends with all the tour operators? It's COLD here in the midwest and the WR is tucked away, so it's time to plan a spring trip.I'm buying some new boots anyone got favorites?

While I have never been myself, everyone I know who went loved it. They said it is kind of wide open on a lot of parts being that it is old fire roads. I know peopla who went during "bike weeek" there and said there is so much trail it isn't crowded. As far as boots, I love my SIDI flexforces. I had tech 8's previously but I shredded the soles every couple of rides. If you can handle the plastic the SIDI's are the way to go. Break in nice and wear great. I think the website for the trails is http://www.trailsheaven.com

I have been to buffalo mnt. & rock house trails. Rock house was the easier of the two. I took my kid across buffalo mnt. when he was only 6 on a klx110, but there were few inclines he had to have help with. It's a nice place probably wet this time of year though. I like thouse two trails because they ended up in small towns were you could refuel & then ride back using a different route, everything is very well marked, and the folks are VERY friendly. we plan on going back this june.

I have a lot of friends that ride the H/m trails, they say nothing but good things. They even opened up new trails closer to Charleston. The trails never get crowded because there is so many miles to cover.

Let me know when your heading this way maybe we can meet up and ride :)

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