Broken 01 WR426

I'am from Canada and have been racing off-road for 10 years and this was my first 4-stroke. I loved the bike it rocked and nobody could touch me on the big hill climbs. I have one big problem, my dealer doesn't know what they are doing. I had them adjust the valves and I took it for sa ride the next day and it blew up and they said they are not at fault.........? It broke two intake valves and one exhaust valves. Now it needs a top end and I'am forced to sell it or part it out because this is the second time the top end has been apart. The first time the timing chain jumped and destroyed it, of course I was 8km from the finish line in 8th out of 58 riders in a 80km cross-country race. Talk about burned, so needless to say I'am pretty spooked about four strokes right now and was going to buy a wr450f and it is lookin like a yz250. Should I part it out or sell as is.......?????? :):D :D :D

I would bet that they did not time the bike properly and that your piston slapped your valves. If the valves were to tight, you would not have any compression. Not sure why you can not do another top end? Is your cylinder scarred and have you maxed the bores? You can have a sleve put in it. Sounds like you have already taken your ride apart. I would have waited and taken to the dealer and taken it apart infront of the mechanic for evidence. These bikes are highly reliable. My brother has raced his 426 in the desert for two season and has never touched his bike.

You are right on about the timing, as I spoke to six 4-stroke mechanics and they laughed and said it was obvious it was there fault. I forgot to mention that I took it back to the dealer after it seized and trusting that they just did the valves they would fix it. I bought four bikes and three sleds from him and the best he would do is give me parts at cost.........$2500.00 cdn. The way I look at it is I'am so choked I don't want to spend another dime in that shop again. It wasn't the money issue, the fact that they didn't admit fault and blamed everything on me and I was at fault......e.g. you were overreving and floated the valves????????????? rev limiter dummies. I contacted Yamaha Canada and they pretty much said nothing we can do sounds like arbourtration between you and the dealer. Pretty frusterating, so I'am cutting my ties with this dealer and hopefully get out of ok. He actually had the nerve to sell me another bike after all this, I did plan on buying a 03 WR426 from him just before this happened until he wasn't going to help me out............thanks for the input guys. I will have a hard time proving that the timing was out because they took it apart without me there and said it was ok, as I trusted and learn I geuss. :):D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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