Which dirtbike to buy?

My son has outgrown his ttr90 both physically and ability wise. He's eight years old and 5'tall at 90lbs. I need to get him a new dirtbike but don't know which one to buy. I think he's too big for a 65 but too small for an 85. What should I do?



It depends on what sort of riding he does...

If he is into MX racing, a 65 2 smoke will suit him... the KTM is a little rocket...

If he is into trails, then a TTR 125L (get the big wheel) will be a good little bike... and although I like to see people stay in the blue clan, I have to acknowledge there are a lot of bike by Honda that may fit him in this age range... the XR80, the 100...

With any bigger bike, we will be moving up to a clutch, and 5 speed gearbox...

Good luck,


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