Tires for a 250F

I tried the search and it came up with (No Matches).

I'm in Missouri and the tracks I ride on vary from soft dirt to hard pack blue rubber types.I'm a slow but experienced rider and will tackle almost any obstacle .

Anybody have ideas on motocross tires for my WR?

Thats what I plan on doing the most.

Thank You for any info.

I messed up on my search criteria.

Thanks anyway

Dunlop 756's work well for conditions in Missouri.

Also, some people like Michelin S12's and M12's. The S12 will hook up in anything, but I think the M12 will last a bit longer. If I could have a fresh tire every other race it would be the M12 on front and S12 on the rear.

Some people are saying real good things about the Maxxis IT's, I guess they hook up nice and last a long time.

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