70c big bore

i have a ct 70 piston and cylinder from 73 and i was wondering if anyone knew it it would work with my 50cc head, its a 79. any comments??????????

I do not think so as the older pistons have a pretty good dome on them and the combustion cahmber on the new 50s have a very small one that suits flat top pistons only...

Unfortunatly it will not work with your unit. Due to your head type barrel and piston it will not change up properly. I believe the studs are even placed diffrently. 1 Wicked 5-0 had the correct answer.

Later Atom RoTTeN

have you guys even seen the old parts the stud pattern is the same and the cylinder works and with slight mods the piston will work.

I have one sitting on my bench and it is diffrent not by much but diffrent. A domed piston will not work in a 50 head. Also the stroke in the older units was diffrent adding a diffrent pin hight on the piston itself. If you made this mod work let me know. im down for new stuff.

Later Atom RoTTeN

hey adam, it looks like my parts wont just bolt together. the piston pin hight is the same but the 50 head barely hits the piston, so either take a little material off the piston or a big fat head gasket would even work but then you wouldnt have a bunch of compression. i think i will end up using the 70 head but it is sorta bagged. thnx eh

a couple of months ago i bolt these parts together i guess i had a thick gasket. the only thing i did do was weld on top of the piston and then machine it. maybe i machined the part that hits when i was doin that but i didnt machine it off on purpose all i did was machine it and check for valve clearance

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