I want to get a xr50, but im 6'3"

hmm, well, would i fit?

My friend Dave is 6'5" i believe and he fits with the with the proper set up. Foward bar set up, Tag mini play bars, XR70 swing arm, tall seat foam, If you have the money chromoly 1" over frame. You dont need the frame but will be in heaven if you get it.

Later Atom RoTTeN

that would look really funny. Whats up with the 50's all the sudden. Who would want a 50 other than a 1st grader.

50's Rule!

i just got a 50 yesterday, it's freaking awsome.

Well mister cogins 911 if you gotta ask you just wont get it! Oh yeah good luck on saving up for that big bore kit for your ttr 225 , I know that it is a bunch of money? :)

why mess around with silly little things like xr50s, when you can have a man's bike like a ttr225?

LOL Motomofo1

Dont say that to loud when an xr50 pilot rails past you! I seen it happen to boys on bigger bikes.

Later Atom RoTTeN

get on aim if you can cuz im bored all heck over here. :)

ive already got $200 saved up. My bike has been lightened, i took the battery out and starter off, and got the kickstarter and got that put in there. Im going to get aluminium wheels on it here in a few weeks. So it should weigh about 220 when im done with it. I think with the big bore kit in there and my exhaust pipe it will havew about 25+hp or maybe less. Its gonna be trick when i get done with it.

cool post pics when your finished... :)

yo 911,

powroll's site says that everything they sell is listed,

yet i dont see where they sell kits for the ttr225 or ttr250?

please help me out here. where did you see them? :)


it was on there about a month ago. you sure you looked good.

I'm 6'2", and with a BBR Triple Clamp/riser/bar kit, Applied heavy-duty shock and fork springs, FiveO Racing reinforced fork legs, and the BBR High Seat Foam, I fit on it. I removed the rear brake pedal and used a BMX perch, lever and cable setup to work the rear brake. It all works for me...

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