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I'm looking at getting a new bike this year and am looking at the KTM's. i have some questions about them though. Such as the difference in the 520 & 525, the diference between SX< MXC and EXC. I'm in northern Nevada and I ride desert and woods over in Nor.Cal. I'm tring to figure out what bike would do best for my riding situation. maybe even a 450 for the tighter stuff. Any info would be great. What about the Wr450


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520 and 525 are same engine, just slight year to year modifications. Both are 510 cc's.

KTM designates the new one a 525 to set it apart from the 520 and 450.

I think the biggest changes from the 520 to 525 are the size of the forks (bigger up front on the 525, 48mm WP forks, instead of 43 mm forks....depending on the year 520 you are looking at). The head was modified on teh 525 from the 520, and the crank is lighter. Mostly, again, just yearly upgrades that every company does.

I do not believe they changed the offset of the clamps on the 525SX. (still 20mm) You may want 16, 17, or 18mm clamps, but that is not necessary.

As far as SX, MXC, EXC, the SX is the lightest, meanest and fastest of them. It is the pure all out racing version. It also only has 4 speeds. (But what a set of gears it has)

The MXC is designed for XC riding, or desert. It has a 6 speed gearbox, (same lower 4 as the SX, just 2 more up high), a much larger tank, and an e-start. (Weighing in at about 15 lbs more than the SX, dry)

The EXC has everything the MXC does, but it is equipped with lights.

I personally do not believe the e-start on a KTM is necessary. The automatic decompression (which KTM has used since the 2000 year 400/520's) allows the bike to be kicked like a 2 stroke, just like your CRF.

The SX will wind out in the desert....I had mine tapped on the rev limitter when I was out there, and wished I had more. A gear change would have helped alot, as I was running the stock 14/48.

I don't think the SX is a mistake in the woods though. The light weight of the bike makes it easy to flip around. Adding 15 lbs for an electric start seems odd to me, since I can start my 520 with my hand. I've never had a problem starting, until my plug is shot.

If you are doing alot of desert, or long woods, definitely an MXC or EXC.

As far as displacement, thats up to you. You think the CRF is mean, try a 520/525, and you'll find the Honda to be timid. The bike is easy to ride, smooth, smooth, and more smooth, but if you whack it wide open, it makes a sickening sound and feels like it is ripping itself apart. Your arms will grow, and you'll pull more supermans that any of the pro FMXers.

There is a pretty good amount of compression braking. Unlike the CRF or the new YZF. You can use the engine braking heavily.

The KTM is also not a revver bike. Don't ride it like a Honda, or Yamaha, don't rev it. KTM's 4 strokes make all the power anyone would ever desire from 1/4-3/4 in the RPMS, not 1/2-WFO like the japanese machines.

I dunno if I gave you anything useful, but hey, at least it's something!

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