lighting coil for yz426, Help QUICK please!!!

I ran across a killer deal on a yz426 and want to install the baja designs kit on it but see that the lighting coil is $430-$489. Does anyone know of a cheaper way to do this? They say a WR coil will work but I dont know what they go for. Help quick please, I ned to call the guy back in 2 hours. Thanks!!!

You can use a wr stator and flywheel but it must be modified to work with the yz cdi. The Baja stator kit includes the wr cdi. Thats why it is so expensive.

The electrex kit is $300 and is modified to work with the yz cdi. It puts out 130 watts.

you can buy a stock wr stator and flywheel from yamaha. I think that they are like $250ish. You can then do the modification yourself and save some money

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