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YES....The lower unit is replaced....

Just Do It......

Bonzai :)

I just put the DR D in my 2002 426. I believe the piece you are talking about is the plastic 14mm bolt that screws the hot start into the carb. If this is the case, the DR D solves this. What I am trying to say is, The DR D screws directly into the Carb...

The 99's don't go into the carb, they route from a switch located on the frame directly to the intake manifold...Yamaha didn't start the (On Carb) configuration until the 00 426's on US Models.

Bonzai :)

Last I knew they were not making them for the older style carb used on the 98 / 99. You'll need to find an OEM or go with the Terrycacle, or better yet build one yourself and cap the hole in the airboot, then connect your setup to the brass fitting on the head.


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