Man the drz forum theres nothing on there i think theres only like 6 posts :)

Did you just post that so you could get your count up to 69? Ha pathetic! :)

That's also why you did the award icon...

not much gets by you does it :D

figures youd be the one to catch it :D

who knows... maybe he will stop posting so

he can be "69 forever" :D... didnt i see that movie? :)

just kiddin player :D



That'd be nice if he just stopped posting.LOL :)

still on 69 :smirk:so far so good :D

i have all my fingers and toes crossed :D

im gonna need help tho...

cant stay like this for long. :)

it was hard to put my shoes on :D

Why are you guys always picking on player125? the drz and klx are our direct competition. Well I guess i could be wrong about the competition part, but you guys are pretty hard on the poor kid. I think he was just commenting that the dudas that would buy a kawazuki either don't live where they have phones and computers, or don't know how to type. :)

probably learning to play the banjo they got for x-mas :)

that or they switched to quads cause they kept falling over

and spilling their buckhorn beer





as far as harrassing player goes....

its kinda like picking your nose...its not that you really enjoy it,

just once you get started its a hard habit to stop :)


peace guys


LOL good call man good call.

Damn, still at 69 and hasn't talked for a couple days! This is kinda sweet.

are you just mad because i corrected you because you said the tt125l should not even be compared to the crf150 and you also said there not in the same class well let me tell for the thosanth time i have beaten so many crfs that i lost count you want to know why cause they suck :)

Hey man I didn't say that, DIRT BIKE Magazine did! LOL Besides I'm sure if there were better riders on those CRF's you "wasted" they would have smoked you. DIRT BIKE Mag. also said "If you get beaten by anything else other than a CRF150, you need to take some riding leasons pal." :)

Hey player ypu wander why everyone makes fun of you but you seem to keep giving them reasons too.

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