Anyone use an EVS Shoulder Brace?

I kind of have bad shoulders. I've popped both out of socket on several occasions and the joint has become pretty weak, especially in my left shoulder. Well, late last night I went riding (One awesome thing about Alaska is its bright as day at midnight) and caught my left upper arm on a tree branch. It pushed my shoulder way out of socket. After a few minutes I pushed my arm up with my other hand and it popped back in. The guy I was riding with almost puked from the sound and sight of it. It hurts like hell. After this more severe injury, I am really worried about riding again. I thought maybe one of these shoulder braces would help after I let it heal up for a couple of weeks. Anyone have any experience with them?



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I bought one about 6 months ago. Wore it around the house for 10 minutes and sent it back. It never felt like it would hold my shoulder in. I try to swim during the week to keep it mobile and tone the muscles (especially since I broke the other shoulder and collar bone a few months back). So far I haven't had any more problems in almost 2years.

Well i disagree with marlan, i has dislocated my left shoulder like a 7 times, and by the third time i use it for 2 weeks (all day & night) and after that just when i ride and at night...

Try it then let me know how it works for you.

I've been using the EVS shoulder brace off and on for about a year now after a dislocation while riding. I have had shoulder problems as a result of playing football in high school. Because of my age perhaps, I went through several months of physical therapy to try to correct the problem. From my own personal experience the shoulder brace does help some, but it will not completely fix the situation. I'm no doctor but I do believe the best thing to do would be to try to stregthen the mucle there. (Usually the rotator cuff I belive.) I'm in no way trying to discourage you from buying and using the brace. I find it makes me a bit more confident and comfortable. So I say try it out, you dont really have anything to loose.

I have had chronic dislocation for about 25 years.

The EVS gave me some support and security. I never had a dislocate while wearing the brace.

You do have to wear in snuggly so it take some getting used to.

My problem is after about ten uses the seams started to rip away. The foam rubber like material

actually started to come apart. Have not been able to use it since. Hopefully they did a re-design.

Thanks for the replies. I ordered it this morning. I'll let you know if it works out when it comes in. I talked to the doc, and she said she'll find me some excercises to do. She said to think about having a surgeon look at it if I get the opportunity. Supposedly there's some surgery that can tighten up the loose thingamagig that lets it pop out. Anyone ever heard of this? I don't trust doctors as far as I can throw them, and that's not too far with this hurt shoulder!

Thanks again,


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