What is this??

Ok, i have a WR450F 04. The bike runs perfectly, i've done the free mods and i had no problems either so far. Yesterday i noticed something strange, when i'm in third gear and i give full throttle the bike revs more as it should but accelerates after a while not instantly. What is this?

sounds like your clutch is slipping

clutch slipping - agree ^^^

Time for some new fibers and steels...Do I hear Rekluse maybe?...SC

like the other guys say... clutch slipping.

I recommend OEM fibers and plates... I've tried DP and barnett I think. Anyway, the OEM fibers are cheaper and last longer imo.

Good luck:ride:

You've just learned one of the time honored methods for testing clutch slip.

Get the car/bike rolling in 1st/2nd and then shift into a high gear 4th or 5th, then accelerate hard. If the engine lugs your good. If you get a quick increase in engine RPM, the clutch is slipping.

Thank you guys, you were right as always. I changed the plates anf fibers and the bike is like new. It's the first time i changed them.:thumbsup:

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