CRF230F Valve Clearances

Still awaiting the manual (a month away or so the dealer says), but would like to check the clearance as per maintance schedule.. any one all ready have a manual?

How the hell do you check it on this model. Can't be that hard.. pretty handy, hell I can check them on my F2, this can't be any harder.

Anyone know the tolerances as well??

Thanks in advance.


Once you find out the correct clearances, adjusting the valves is probably just like any typical Honda XR. Find TDC on the compression stroke and once there you can check the valve adjustment. It shouldn't be that difficult.

The valve clearances are: intake & exhaust 0.1 MM (0.004in)according to the service manual. Had mine for 6 weeks through Honda of Troy. Make sure the piston is TDC on compression stroke. Good Luck!

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