Problem with indicators......

I have a DRC electrical kit on my 08 WR450 that was fitted by the dealer when it was new. Ive noticed recently that the horn doesnt work (well, you can just about hear a noise if you get VERY close up to it), and also my indicators stay on permantly when i try them, and are VERY dim. The dealer said they'll have a look at it, but they are a 400 mile round trip so not really viable.

Can anyone give me an idiots guide please on where i start with this as im not clued up with electrics at all.

Just to add, the dealer says they dont use the battery pack that comes with the kit. They wire it directly into the bikes electrics.

Cheers. :thumbsup:

Here's a starting point.

The only kit on the DRC web site uses a battery pack for the added options. You've already noted that the dealer didn't use the battery pack.

While I don't know the electrical system on the '08 and I'm no expert, so this is worth what you paid for it.

On both my '98 and '03 WRs the lighting system is AC. The sator on the '98 puts out all AC current. On my '03, the stator puts out both AC and DC. The AC runs all of the lights. The DC is only used to keep the battery charged and doesn't have much output for other things.

Turn signal flashers and horns are DC, the dealer would have had to run off of the existing battery to make them work. If they tapped off of the lighting system you coudl get the problem you are describing. You need the original wiring diagram and the diagram for the DRC kit, then you need to see how it was installed. You could probably get a local auto repair/auto electrical technician to help out for less cost and time then the 400 mile trip.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for that mate, much appreciated. :thumbsup:

Ive spoken with the dealer today and he's going to fax me a copy of the wiring diagrams they use.

Just to add, the headlight, rear light and brake light work fine, its just the indicators and horn thats the problem.

they suggested it may be the indicator relay, but surely that wouldnt affect the horn? Unless its two seperate issues maybe?

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