Hot set-up for dual use (mild MX & woods) YZ-250F?

Trying to make an 02' YZ-250F into a dual use bike (mild Moto & non-technical Trails). I plan to add a heavier flywheel (+ 10 or 12oz.?) and an added tooth (or two?) to the rear sprocket. Also a Power Now carb. unit. I still want to keep a lot of the throttle snap of the YZ, but get a little more traction. Also, I hope to be able to lower the idle a little. On the right track? What set-ups would you recommend?

you want a snappy throttle yet want to put on a 10oz+ flywheel weight? yer kidding right?

that's like saying i want an army that is intelligent.


imho, i don't think the yz250f needs a flywheel. especially if you are gonna put it on a mx track.

you should concentrate more on protection products (bark busters, skid/bash plate, x-ring chain....) instead of the motor until you get more saddle time in to see what you really would consider changing.

see below what I did to my bike.the flywheel will only help for hard braking and lugging it in the really tight stuff. The bars is where I've seen the biggest fun factor.As for power or sprockets leave it alone until you have did only one mod at a time and go back to the woods.This lets you know if what your doing is helping or if your wasting money. welcome to the woods. Gas is all you really need :)


I am curious about your quote.. you say..

The bars is where I've seen the biggest fun factor.

What is so different about the bars you use compared to stock? (Renthal YZ80) Thanks!

a lot of people who ride wooded trails cut down their bars to make for a narrower bike, and thus a bit more manueverability in the trees.

the renthal YZ80 bars have the familiar yamaha bend/feel but are only ~29" or so wide, stock. which spares you the cutting. so they are an expeditious way to get to enduro/narrow width.

my brother-in-law is an A-class enduro rider, he has the narrowest bars i've ever seen -- they are scary narrow and he has this huge enduro computer jammed on there with all the usual stuff:

KDX w/27" bars




ps: don't laugh at that ancient KDX. at the 2002 'six days of michigan' my brother-in-law was hauling a$$ on the trails with jeff freddette. me? i was just trying to stay in the same zip code as those guys on my shiny wr250f.

JEFF "MR. KDX" FREDDETTE at the day 5 evening rider's meeting

jim aka the wrooster

Thanks for all your inputs. A power now unit will show up on my doorstep tommorrow. I like the advice to try one thing at a time. My TTR-250 is set-up with all the trail goodies and I can x-fer a few of then onto the YZ. Otherwise, I keep two bikes and try to use the right tool for the job. Plan to check out a WR-450F at the Chicago cycle show in Feb. Dual use would save me lots of $$ if I could find a comprimise solution. :)

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