Checking valves...

Just checked my valves. this would be the second time since the bike was new. According to the manual it says that the exhaust valves clearance should be .011 +/- .001. Mine are at a tight .010 and the intake clearance should be .006 +/- .001 and mine are at .005 + .006.I was just asking for another opinion if this is ok and I can put this thing back together. Any info would be great. I don't have a lot of 4-stroke motor experiance. :)


I would get a .001 smaller shim for the tight one.

Go see our Tommy Z. at great escape.

I think it was a kaw shim the works.

When am I going to see that wheel.

I thought you going to bring it by SFP.

Thinking about studding up the honda, river is frozen and


I think it would be a blast!!!

see ya.

Steve T.

My 02 valves were "adjusted" a month and a half ago. The bike was great after the adjustment. Now, I'm having difficulties starting the bike, and it also pops. I don't know what to make of it.

Are my valves the problem again?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

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