2000 yz426 help

I have a chance to purchase a oo 426 for 2900.00. In great shape, adult ridden and totally stock what if any advise would you give. THANKS,

HWat advice you looking for?

I have the 2000

no complaints just did an 2001 clutch fix and am very happy.

My advice


01 Clutch fix

peg Mod if your 6'+

I love my 2000 its an awesome bike

Buy it! What is the hold up? Do you think it might not be enough bike? LOL You wont hurt it anything like it will hurt you. :)

Absolutely get that bike. I just rode my 426 (new to me) bike for the first time today. Oh man, I was not sure what to expect since it is "just a 4 stroke."

It has an incredible hit to it and it wants to wheelie A LOT. It has huge power that keeps coming on as much as you want to twist the throttle.

My first loop on it was exciting, but when I hit the higher revs in higher gears, it would sputter slightly...came back in and drained the snot out of the bottom of the float bowl and it was a new bike!!

I have ridden 2 strokes for so many years, but I decided to sell my KX250 and just keep my Thumper YZ426F.

Hope you got it and I know you will enjoy it. That is a good price by the way.

Hmm, with the exerience I've had with my 2000, I'd hold out for a 2001 or newer. (Actually, as fun as it is to ride, I'll NEVER own another Yamaha.) I guess I'm the exception to the reliability rule, but in the last three years I've owned the bike, it has sat for at least a year of that time broken. It's cases are split now with a broken 3rd gear. (The only part on the bike that I haven't seen the inside of is the rear shock. LITERALLY!) I'd expect this if I was a thrasher, but I'm an adult owner who knows what a clutch is for and doesn't thrash stuff unnecessarly. Take this info for what its worth, but there are some lemons out there.

Glen T.

Buy it...I just bought one that had about 10 hours on it for $3400! Its the hottest 4 stroke I've ever ridden!

buy it, 2900 is a great deal on that bike. Ive got mine up for 3800 and it go in a day or so.

There are a couple things to keep an eye on, but I wouldnt let that stop me from buying the bike.

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