burned I know you posted once about your new Yosh ignition.I remember you seemed happy with the results.Have you got more to say about it? I'm considering buying a wolf ignition.It's about $350.00, and has a two curves built into it,I guess you get a switch you mount somewhere.I talked to my neighbors son in law who has one on his yz 400 and he said it was on the bike when he bought it,and says it's as fast as 426's no proplem.He thinks alot of that is the ignition.What's your opinion?

well,after riding again with it today im really happy!the increased throttle response is impressive.i also find the extra rpm before the limiter very handy! :) $350 is alot for just a ignition!why not just save a few hundred more dollars and do the yosh kit!

Would the Yosh kit give me more performance,than the ignition only?You get new cams to with it ,if I remember right.Do the cams out perform the stock 400 cams all the way, or is it you now go to 11,000, instead of the stock 10,400,or what ever it is?

yes,the yosh kit come with cams also.hey out perform the stock cams by far.the power will be slighty softer just off idle,but after that its no comparison.

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