Phile & Matt,just went for my first ride with advanced jetting,unfortunatly I did also add the Power Now bell at the same time.What can I say, it was just the way things went. I'm very happy with the results.I really noticed when I just moved the throttle a hair,it was twice as responsive as it used to be.I'm at the 4th clip, but I did'nt try 5,and I will for the hell of it.It seems like it wines out super fast,(more like a two stroke)than it ever has.I ran a 162mj with the EKP,but could never get it to run good on the 4th clip,only 3rd.I have a question for both of you,I know Matt said to plug all the ports on the choke side off when the coast enrichner was removed,but there's one towards the back side of the main body of the carb,(closest to the rear bell,and it seems to me it ties right into the paj.If you went to unscrew it,just the tip comes off. I hope this is clear to you guys.It had a # on it,I think it was 90?Anyway I always have run it connected with a hose to my air boot?..There's a small brass looking connector coming out the bottom of it.I tried again yesterday,with it plugged,and than connected.My initial feeling was no difference,I would like to know your opionions on this?Thanks guys for alllllll your hard work,(research).

I think I know what you are talking about. I caped/pluged every hole (fuel and air) that was connected to the coasting enrichment system. I figured that the whole circuit needed to be closed. Darn, the DRZ carb is such a hassle that we all seem to do other jetting things when we add the Power Now. If it was easy to just add the Power Now and remove it (like in 5 minutes) then we could test it against the stock carb bell housing - oh well! Glad the advanced jetting helped. I don't run the EKP, but I did run it for a long time with the coast enrichment attached with the old settings of 48 pilot and can't remember the clip position. If I had to guess, I would say C-3. that was with coast enrichment still attached. I run the full Yoshi kit and the EMM C-4 works well. I put in the EMM at the same time that I changed all the jetting 38/73, 180maj, 158main, remove coast enrichment.

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