New KTM 250 four stroke.

When is KTM's 250 four stroke going to be released? Are there any web sites with pictures of it? Curious to see what they will be like. :)

Ive seen couple on Ebay?

Ive heard there a little under powered?

no where near the power of a YZ250F..

They look great :) though.. Althouh I personally think that about all KTMS...

I have a 02 250 RFS and love the bike. It's everything the other RFS bikes are because, it's the same bike. You read a lot about the power being lacking and I cannot figure out why? The bike feels very light and nimble on the trail, semi flickable, and responds well to body imput. On my first ride I immediately felt at home and confident on the bike and didn't hesitate to toss the bike around like I'd only dreamed about on my XR. I can tell you first hand that this bike is by no means a dog and once you become accustomed to how the bike likes to be ridden it will propel you through the woods as fast as you like. Also, I'm by no means a light weight these days, hovering around the 230 range.

You ride the bike sort of like a 2 stroke but, only different, much like the Yamaha's keeping the rpm's high. Speaking of Yamaha's, the power on this bike feels much closer to a WR 250F then an XR 250R despite what you may hear otherwise. Most everyone I know that has a WR has done the cam timing and gray wire mods and in that tune the Yamaha is a little weaker down low and stronger in the mid-range with that strong hit. The RFS is much smoother through the mid with a little surge just to let you know it's there and I feel less tiring, not having to prepare to crank the go switch hard. Up top the bikes are fairly even with a slight nod to the WR and the KTM feeling like it's getting it's lungs and then hitting the rev limiter a little sooner then the WR.

Owning one of these bikes I've followed more then a few threads talking of swapping the stock meedle for the DTM on the bigger bikes and opening the mid-range/top up to be near on line with the Yamaha's. I can't confirm if this is true because, my bike feels and runs so good I just don't feel like messing with it. Everyone that has begged a ride has either ridden a KTM 200 or currently rides one and they all say it reminds them of that bike in almost every way. Including one friend that has an XR 400 who insisted on drag racing from a rolling start and went down to my 250 RFS, twice.

Also I think because the bigger RFS bikes have so much power, the break-in power increases that four strokes get as the motor seats and loosens up were kind of missed as I feel the motor on this bike getting stronger and revving freer as the miles pile up. As I said the motor likes to have some RPM's and the head on the bike is different then the bigger bikes and rev's pretty quickly and likes you to do it. When you do, a quick twist on the throttle can produce instant wheel spin and a quick stab at the clutch will produce instant wheel lift, all very much fun.

After reading all the same sounding "no power" threads I was nervous but, took the chance on a fantastic deal for this bike and I'm so glad I did as it's a great bike. The 03 models have recieved further refinement including more head/valve train work and a bigger carb, it should be even more potent as KTM continues to build to a "full release" of the model as a finished product. As is, the bike is fairly potent and race ready which leaves me looking forward to the coming enduro season.

Make the jet/needle change. The difference is just awesome on my one. Bottom end like an XR, top end like a WR. I'd be really surprised if you didn't find the same.

Totally agree with you about the riding style, and I also can't understand why people say these bikes lack power. I'm really happy with my one now, but have liked it since I bought it.


Aw com'on you guys, be honest & stop kidding your self trying to justify spending your own money. I was interested in a 250 4 stroke EXC, tested one, and jumped off it after 2 minutes. I cannot remember riding a more dissappointing bike for a long time. There was flat spots everywhere and just plain gutless. How can it be any better than a Jap 250 anyway, with all the R & D available to them, for every individual model. All a KTM 250 RFS is anyway, is a 250 top end bolted on to a standard engine. After trying to spin all the weight up, is it any wonder it is lacking in the go dept. The only positive thing is the engine and gearbox may last longer, as it is built to take a lot more power.


You are both right and wrong on your impressions of this bike. There are big holes in the power of the stock bike and they are only from lack of R&D on the jetting. The right needle and main jet (DTM/DXM & 165/168) make it a sweet bike with great power everywhere. Sure, it doesn't have the displacement and will never keep up in a drag race with a 250 2-stroke, but it will match the WR250 in most respects and makes a great bike for any one taller than 5'6". -Race ready with skidplate, handguards, and a $15 worth of jets.


I couldn't be more pleased with how I spent my money, thank you. I guess I'm much less skilled then you, that you could tell everything there is to know about a brand new motorcycle in "2 minutes". More speculation based on triangulation, if this is that and that is this, then it has to be this then. Funny how this logic doesn't apply to the Yamaha's when the actual, not claimed weights, are only about ten pounds different at most. I'm talking WR to EXC, not YZ as that would be like comparing the WR to YZ, a difference of 30 some odd pounds. You all can and will continue to believe and recite what you've seen on the internet by someone else that has never ridden the bike. I'll just continue to enjoy riding and racing what is truly a very nice motorcycle.

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