Some pics of racing my wr this season

So in one of the HS series I race in we had a pro photographer taking shots of everyone throughout the season. Here's my shots :thumbsup:









Here's some shot's of other riders in the mud we so love :thumbsup:






Brilliant pictures there mate! The muddy pics look like fun! Very deep and boggy! :thumbsup::moon:

that was really neat

Thanks for posting them

You look like you had alot of fun this past season

Thanks guys :moon:

Yeah the mud can be alot of fun. It can also wear you out real quick if you get stuck :thumbsup:

Find a line and if it works don't go exploring next lap :moon:


BTW, how do those glasses work? Are they prescription? Why glasses and not goggles?

Safety glasses. I overheat and fog with goggles. I've taken rock hits to them before and they work :thumbsup:

Even though none of these pictures are of tight riding the majority of the riding in our races is tight, slow, gnarly stuff. We cover 40-50 miles in 3hrs.

I also work heli-skiing all winter and wear sunglasses on all but the stormiest of day's. I just don't really like goggles.

I tried the glasses a couple of times. They fogged for me

Remember when Dick Burleson use to wear glasses while on his way to winning everything all the time?

I cant imagine getting a WR450 stuck in that mud.Id have to have a winch mounted to my forks

You can't have them to close to your eye's, need a little airflow :moon:

Now I just need to develop some roll off's for them :moon:

Been using them for quite a few years now, they work for me :thumbsup:

Yeah those old Dick photo's go a few years back.

I definately try to choose my lines wisely. Better to take a moment to find an alternate line than have to drag a WR out of that goo.

Good pictures! What type of license plate bracket is that you have on the rear fender? How do you like it, does it keep the plate out of the back tire, how do I get one? Thanks


Good pictures! What type of license plate bracket is that you have on the rear fender? How do you like it, does it keep the plate out of the back tire, how do I get one? Thanks


Homemade with a piece of aluminum, a bender, drill and rivets. Really easy to do.

If I bottom out I will crunch the fender.


Nice pics! They make me want to see if I can find some offroad competition out here instead of / in addition to some supermotard. :thumbsup:


Nice pictures, looks like a fun course, but I'm not much of a mud fan. One question, how come there are no numbers on your bike? I notice the little green sticker on front, but there is got to be more than that. I also have a riding buddy that doesn't like to wear goggles so you're not alone.

These pictures are actually from a bunch of races through the season. Just the stuff close to the start since or courses go over miles of bush with no real access except bikes.

Numbers aren't mandatory in our series. Maybe half the people run them. It would be usefull for knowing who's in your class sometimes....

Since my bike is plated I opt not to run the #'s to keep a low profile. I have trails between 1 & 3 miles of pavement from my house so that's as far as my pavement riding goes but I do see cops sometimes.

The green stickers are just a 96db pass.

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