Which exhaust system is best for my 03 CRF?

Hey. I got my 03 CRF last month, i have been on 125s since i was 12, i'm now 18 so i im tryin to say, i'm new to the thumpers! BUt i love it so much, its the best bike i've owned and i can throw it around on the track easily. So anyway, i am looking to buy an exhaust for it, which one should i get? WHite brothers, yoshimura, fmf? Thanks alot, your info will really save me a ton of money.

i absolutely love my big gun complete system for my 450. it works very well. improved low, mid, and abit more up top. made the bike alot more responsive. i have heard great things about thunder alley and procircuit as well. do a search and you will find alot of useful info! good luck!

I think that's a much harder question to answer then you realise.

To really get an accurate answer I would edit your post or just post again if edit time ran out:

1) percentage of moto verses trail riding that you do

2) the loudness factor

3) low, mid or top - what's most important to you

4) spark arrester?

5) price factor

Huffa's got the right train of thought. You could also add WEIGHT to his list. Also, beware of anyone who has only tried one pipe and claims it's "the heat", because it "rips"!

Tell us what performance traits your seeking, and we'll try to relate what we've heard or experienced with the pipes that are the closest match. That should be the most help in the long run. Fair?

Yep....have you ever heard anyone buy an expensive exhaust and say "it sucks" hahah...no. :)

I tried (read:actually RODE) 2 models before I bought, and read a ton of reviews and any info I could on them...

I wanted bottom end with no loss of top...I ended up with a Thunder Alley...

Try and ride someones bike with the particular model you are looking at.


Let's say that you wanted the quietest setup possible and rode the CRF mostly on desert trails. Then what would you suggest?

I am a motocross rider only. I don't care about the noise either. I actually like it loud, but its not important. Also, i just want the pipe that gives more power everywhere. Now that i have been more descriptive. Can you guys help me?

I just rode my bike yesterday with my new¨Pro Circuit TI4 complete system in deep mud (Here in Belgium),there was only "one line" on the track or you were in deep wet mud !!!The result : even if you lose your line and went deep mud , the bike had power everywhere , you open the throttle and you're saved by the excessive power!!!

I used to love my bike with the stock exhaust but now with the PC i love it much more than ever , so easy to ride so much throttle response at any rpm's .In straight line it was so easy to go through the big holes with the throttle , a little gas and wheelies!!!I think i get more hp power everywhere even in the top range but i'm gonna put the bike on dyno by the end of the week to make sure of it!!!I'll let you know.Just one thing , if you go for a PC , don't buy the header it's exactly the same than the stock (in curves and length).Another thing , a friend was here with me and said the power seems similar to the YZ450( he tried my bike), explosive.I know that i didn't needed an exhaust because bike has enough power but what a look with the PC , the only bad thing for me it's the noise , nice but very loud!!! :cool:i love it


Try the FMF Ti4. I used the 14" on my '02 and with the spark arrester and quite core insert my bike tested at 94db.

With this setup you can also do moto with a quick change of end caps. I've got one ordered for the '03.



Bikewriter posted : Quiet and with good power? Pro Moto Billet SA end cap.

Stay away from the FMF Q. Whew, what a waste!

The White Brothers E Series, the one with the tuneable discs, is not worth the box it gets shipped in!

Everything else will be louder and $$$, but do give good gains in hp along the powerband.

I agree with all that too. You state loudness you could care less then by all means I would recommend the thunder alley. Don't mean to imply thunder alley is the loudest it's just the one I'd go for. If it was somewhat quieter I'd have one right now on my bike as I find my bike sounds better quieter to my ears and loud pipes annoy me for sure on any bike. To me there's loud (100-102 decibals) and then LOUD(103-106 or so) which is too LOUD. Seems once they get past a certain decible the tone really gets crappy. Not music to my ears anyway. :) Their actually made one at a time and Bob (owner and builder) you can talk direct to if you have any ?'s or problems about pipe which is great. I like helping the "little guy" out.

T Alley had all kinds of positive comments except for the loudness factor.Oh and it need s to be ceramic coated if you want it maintenece free also - thats really a personal preference thing that I'd get but some don't mind the constant wd40 wipe downs to keep rust to a minumum. This is on the pipe section of the slip on I am talking about. At least I think that's what they are referring too? 250-350 depending on what you want done. A good no make that a great deal as far as I'm concerned.

drkarnes- get the Pro Moto End cap with insert (97 decibals) on stock pipe. Bike still has a healty sound for sure but it gets rid of the shall I say piersing sound that rings your ears. Technology wise thats about as quiet as you can get right now. Doesn't boost the power alot but if noise is your main concern this is the hot set up plus I like the looks of it also. A real quality piece!

Most my comments made are from just listening to guys on TT over the last year and 1/2 or so. Just don't want you to get the notion that I actually tried all this stuff out. The PMB with silent insert I DO have though.



I last night fitted a PC full system to my '03 CRF. Although I didn't weigh it, it doesn't feel any lighter than the stock system. Build quality is on par with stock, although the joint between header and silencer seems a bit crude. Haven't ridden it yet, but sounds considerably louder.

Also, as mentioned, the head pipe is IDENTICAL to stock - grrrrrr! I'm a little bit pissed that PC or the retailers do not mention this!

Has anyone tried a Yoshimura Tri Oval system. If so are they good (Obvious) and are they loud.

I have enough power, just like to move it around. A bit more bottom, little bit more mid and top...you know what i mean.


Thanks for tryin to help guys. Although it seems like someone mentioned that they wanted a quiet exhaust and then everyone started to answer his question, although i still got alot of good info. So back to what i was asking, and i dont care about noise at all. I just care about performance gains and i ride on a motocross track thats fairly tight but i still love my top end. But i want a system that will boost power everywhere so that when i crack the throttle, the beast breathes fire and puts an even huger smile on my face. Get the picture? I think you do :). Thanks again for your time i really appreciate this.

Yes, I used that setup on my '02. It's a very good system that sheds weight, adds power, and with the spark arrester and quite core insert meets Cali's new 98db rating. It's a good choice for some one who moto's and trail rides.



adf1010 said:

So back to what i was asking, and i dont care about noise at all. I just care about performance gains and i ride on a motocross track thats fairly tight but i still love my top end. But i want a system that will boost power everywhere so that when i crack the throttle, the beast breathes fire and puts an even huger smile on my face. Get the picture? I think you do :).

-You want "crack of the throttle" power? Thunder Alley.

-You said tight track? Thunder Alley.

-Breathes Fire? How about a 6 horsepower increase at 4000rpm (verified on a dyno).

-It will put smiles on your face. There are other good pipes (FMF Ti4 would be my second choice).

-If you want added low and mid with no loss in top, Thunder Alley.

Can you tell I like mine? It pulls my 226lb butt to holeshots against any bike out there...when I don't let it down, the bike will do it :D

See a pic of mine HERE and HERE and HERE

There is also a small company in Dallas Texas called M4. Wild exhaust.

Hey Mike are you going to CC wednesday night? I am making the trip up since I missed the weekend riding with a sinus infection. Feel mucho better now though and gonna burn some laps...

Has anyone tried just changing the header pipe? Since I can't afford a whole system, would this produce more mower than say a new can? Lets say something like an FMF power bomb header pipe.

as i heard in all the topics talking about exhausts it was said that it was the muffler making the difference not the header cuz honda made a good job on the header

Has anyone tried just changing the header pipe?

I agree with the other reply about the header. Apparently, the header is very good, and the results are obtained by changing the silencer. I put a E-Series SlipOn on my 02 CRF, and it made a major difference.

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