Use of Barnett clutch without seat/cushion spring

Just installed a White Brothers/Barnett clutch kit and ended up with no clutch pressure at the push lever shaft. Seemed like the clutch was hanging fully open. At first I thought that it might be possible that the plates couldn't seat together because it's 20*F out in the garage and the oil I soaked the plates in was like jelly. So I figured I would wait a little while for some of the oil to squeze out and then check it again. While I waited, I did a search on TT and found that other members could not use the Barnett Fiber clutch plates with the OEM seat plate and cushion spring because the inside diameter of the fiber plate is smaller than stock.

I didn't realize this when I installed the clutch so I went back out and pulled the clutch out to check this out and guess what, it's true! :)

My question is, Is there any one out there that is NOT using the OEM seat plate and cushion spring with their clutch?

Have you had any clutch problems with out them installed?

Any info on this will help me out greatly.


Since my '02 WR250F was new I could never find neutral, the trans shifted real notchy, and the bike would creep foreward with the bike in gear and the clutch lever in. I tried the washer fix with no luck. I finally dissasembled the clutch and noticed those 2 rings. After having a good look at how they work, I came to the conclusion those rings were transferring spinning drag from the clutch basket to the inner pressure plate all the time. I re-assembled my clutch without them and now my trans shifts so smooth, and I can find nuetral every time with one normal click. The creeping issue is also gone. I have probably 1400 miles on my bike with no problems. Good luck,


Thanx for the reply Rich.

I never had the creeping issue, but it was always kinda hard to find neutral sometimes. I'll give it a shot with out them and see what happens.



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