I am encouraged

I just returned from the latest Desert Advisory Council meeting in Barstow, California. The DAC weighs all concerns when there is a proposed land closure and advises the BLM on what to do. The BLM then decides whether to follow recommendations.

The DAC now has some very capable and level-headed people in some of its positions at this time. They are not buying the extremist view of some in the enviro community. Even some of the environmentalists aren't buying into the nonsense any more. Of 15 members, two are representing recreational interests now. There were none at one time. These people know what they are talking about, and they are not backing down for anyone.

I was very encouraged by what I was hearing at this meeting from them and others who are not even recreationalists. But the fight is far from over. It is time to bury this extreme environmental agenda with a big push by an organized off-road enthusiast show of force. It seems it will take a united voice to undo years of abuse at the hands of said environmentalist groups. They will not take this lying down.

In a week or so, I will post some links where you can monitor the progress and find out when meetings are held. Any Californians who can make these meetings will definitely help the cause. This time we need to get involved, because we are really in a corner right now, and whatever works in California will be exported to other states and used there.

Stay tuned.


Maybe the winds of change are a coming.........hope so. Good luck and may all your hard work pay off. :)

It will take a big overall effort from many people who have never joined in this fight before. The more that join, the easier it is. IT IS THAT SIMPLE! The point is to show the people who make decisions that we are not just a bunch of drooling, bloodthirsty, boorish slobs that seek to ruin everything we touch. That is the picture the enviro-nazis have painted of us. Since we were AWOL on the issue, the description stuck. It will take a while to change minds, but change them we will.

Don't even try to convince the enviro-nazis. Convince your elected officials with polite, articulate letters and emails. Convince the DAC by attending their meetings in your area, and convince the general public by behaving yourself while having fun at your chosen activity!


Write letter's attend meetings & join the Blue Ribbon Coalition.

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