PW 50 modification help!

i have a good friend who rides a pw 50 and he has allready put a reed kit and different gearing in his son's bike. are there any aftermarket products or tips to increase h/p or to make his pw faster? he sure would appreciate any helpful suggestions. his son is 6 years old and will be racing the pw 50 till he is 8. are there any suspesion modifications that we could do? thanks for any input. john

Honestly, he is fighting a losing battle trying to ride that PW until 8 yerars old... just the weight of the kid will work against all he does... He needs to look into a proper race bike, or a bigger trailbike... I know 8 year olds who are too big for a PW80 or TTR90... the PW50 is for kids under 5 or small kids under 6...

Not much I can suggest in the way of mods, not that aren't going to cost as much as a new proper racing bike...



I have always thought to myself that a the cylinder would accept a YT 60 piston, if the head was modified slightly. The PW cylinder has got plenty of meat to bore out. just another one of my "to do" projects someday.

I agree with yamaha.dude. He is fighting a up hill battle. That mods he will need will cost just as much as a bigger bike.

a whole yt 60 topend bolts right on.he should disconecct the run/start/stop switch and run just a regular kill will rev a 600 rpm also!i just that fmf is making a pipe for p.w.'s now too!

i think he has already covered but either yamahopper or chappy ring and pinion bolt in for lower gearing.

He did remove the restricter from the exhaust right?

Go to the sites Rockdodger suggested. They are the best sites I know of. And yes, FMF is now making a pipe for the little 50. But the truth is, the boy needs to be on something bigger than a PW50 by age 8. My boy moved up from his at age 6, but he is a good size boy and we are not serious racers. If we were, in order to be competetive you have to sandbag some and keep them on the smallest bike they are allowed.

But heres the good news. The PW50 holds its value great! The boy can learn to ride it and then your buddy can sell it and get almost all his money back. Thank God for Ebay!

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