I have a yz302f that was done by Rick Peterson Motorsports in Covina,Ca. and the bike rips! I was wondering if anyone else had one and their as pleased as I am. also what type of fuel are you using?

I smell spam

Hi Mick, I just read about that motor in Dirt Bike.I have an 01 YZ250F.What kind of riding do you do? I've heard that a 250F in stock form is pushing the limits of the motor...What about making it a 302? Will it be as reliable or have a very long life span??? I'm interested in doing it, but not if I'll be risking ruining the motor.What can I expect from this mod??I do mostly woods riding. Thanks for info, & welcome to TT!

Hey Doug, What does SPAM mean??? Hutch

i think SPAM means that this being his first post and all, is that he is part of that company trying to do a bit of advertising. Just my guess. :)

No info on the profile either :)

No act. I was jazzed about this bike and since I have never been on a fourstroke before I thought I would get info from others who might have the same bike as myself! But Hey if others are as happy as myself then why not give them a plug! Thanks Mickey

I race mx but I have never had a four stroke before. When I called over to RPMS they really helped me out in what I was looking for.

hey mick, i am from cleveland and just got an '03 yz250f(also my first 4 stroke). where do you race at? what class?

Hey mick, if your serious E- mail me at KevinLemons@webtv.com . You have a good VP dealer right there in your neighborhood. Also OUmx51 I remember your post when you got your bike, glad to see your still around. When this snow melts I've got some sweet private tracks I can take you to. Easton Lemons #70 Schoolboy.

I currently race AMA 250 Pro and will be racing Vet Pro

Hey Kevin thanks for the hook up with fuel! And I look forward to gettin on some of those sweet tracks with you and your son! Thanks mickey

i almost have enough money to send my motor in. i rode an 02 that had the 265cc mod and it was awesome. ill probly post in a month on how it worked.

Hey Motoxer62 Let me know how you like the ride when your done. And who are you having yours done by? Thanks Mickey

ok and im thinking about RPM's

Share the wealth brother!! Hook up a NorthWest Ohio rider up with some track time too.... :D

Maybe we should hold a TT Ohio Ride... :)


where in oh are you?

Findlay, 45 mins south of Toledo.

Im in akron area

Hopefully your YZ302F will stay together.I had RPMS do a YZ139 big bore a few years ago and had nothing but problems.I will never deal with him again!Good luck!

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