Anaheim SX - Jan 18 , Beware Results included

If you like last week SX at Phoneix, you'll enjoy this race.

Lusk and Reed put on a SHOW in their heat Race, must have passed each other 20x.

Don't miss this.............

PS I was there................ :):D :D

I love a close race like Reed and Lusk had. That was one of the best duals I have ever seen. Those two were on a rail. BTW, what happened to Fonseca in the main? I was sitting between the 2 triples after turn 4 so I was blocked by the face of the jump he crashed on.


I missed the crash as well. I think he crashed before the big triple?

I was sitting in the diamond clubs seats.

The track was harry, alot of crashs in the 125 qualifler.

I didnt like the track all that much. Great racing though.

The main was what I expected. I was amazed. I studied RC the whole race. He only put down his foot 6 times in 25 laps. Simply amazing. I didnt hardly see anything else on the track, I just studied RC. Lusk and Reed put on a great show in their heat. Lusk should get the most improved rider of the decade award.

Lusk should get the most improved rider of the decade award


If Steroids helped MX/SX Racers and were illegal, he would diferantly be accused of using.

Lusk is awesome FAST. Could not have happen to a nicer Rider.

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