Boring part 2...What else do you guys ride???

Through email just found out that another TTer and myself have basically the same 3 bikes KTM 4 Stroke, YZ 4 Stroke and xr 100's. So what does everyone else have besides the honda mini's?

01 RM 125

1998 honda civic

10 year old donkey named Frank.

1992 kx 100 tricked out to the max. works 80.

What a coincidence, I named my donkey Frank as well :)

how do i get a FRANK donkey :)

what kind of mods does frank have :D

whats the seat height...can i fit?

Frank is short for Franklin(which he outgrew)

- polished hovs(sp?)

- braided tail (ask my elves; they did it)

- urine pan

sweet, got pix?

how about a megaphone exhaust :)

oh.. and pro taper clamp and bars (straped to ears)


lol you guys are funny! :)

See, there are other ways to pass time, we can talk about hunkin's "sweet ass" until spring. :):D :D

I ride a highly modified GSXR-1000 180 plus top speed and sub 10second quarter miles just was not enough! :)

Have an 83 ATC70 all tricked out.$$$$ :) Forks from a 72 CT70, Honda Cub front tire, ITP rims, Lawnmower turf tires, K&N pod, Cobra exhaust, New blue seat cover, Renthals, Powdercoated pieces, and custom painted tank(pearl white with flames) :D

I'd like to se pictures of that (ATC70)!

When I was a kid i had one of those and I use to love to ride in the snow with it.

If I ever figure out this magic box with with all of the pictures and words in front of me I'd be glad to send you some. :) Seriously, that kind of stuff is next on my to do list. Still learning.

I was thinking of getting a donkey for tight trails and the occasional basketball game, but am considering a mule for more top end. The stubborness issue does concern me though. Anyone? :)

Just hang a carrot in front of it and you are good to go. I actually played donkey basketball once in high school and it was rather amusing. (By this thread can you tell it's winter) I didn't pay attention, but I bet everyone who replied is like me, it has not been above freezing in a couple weeks.

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    • By Tanker01
      So I just picked up a 1989 XR100R in awesome shape. I plan to use this as my pitbike/parts getter. I have done some looking around at cool mods people do to these bikes and the aussie lift has come up multiple times. I fully understand how the lift is done but I haven't seen anyone say how long it lasts or if it breaks eventually. Obviously the longevity of the lift mostly depends on the quality of the welds, but are there any inherent risks that come with doing this to the bike? I honestly just think it makes it look better and I also plan to put the front headlight and plate from an XR600R on it as well as a tool bag and a few other things, so my main goal is to make it look like a baby 600. I have had these bikes before and I love how they ride and how reliable they are, I'm just worried the aussie lift may cause me issues in the future. I do not plan to put different shocks on the bike and will not max out the rear lift as to not make the bike super squirrley or twitchy. Any insight would be appreciated and if anyone has documented the process of how they did their lift I would love to take a look!
      (For those who do not know what an Aussie lift is: It is essentially relocating the bottom shock link mount slightly higher [most say no more than 11mm] so that the bike sits higher in the rear)
      I will post pics of my bike as soon as I get a chance for those who would like to see. 
    • By _RaStA_RoCkEt_
      Got myself a CA-Plated '90 XR100R, which is awesome. Used as my little slam-pig. Fantastic bike.
      ANYHOW; Just raised the front end with some 03' CR85R forks, which was a swap from the 80's disc-brake 19' KX80 forks I used to have on there. 
      (The KX front end wil lbe up for sale soon, btw)
      Just wanted to ask the best possible way to go about raising my rear suspension, and it seems like users have gone 3 ways;
      1) Cut some 7/8 or 3/4 steel plate into spacers and use a longer bolt in the linkage to extend the travel. (Easiest)
      See Link (1)
      2) 'Aussie Mod/Lift' the rear end by cutting and re-welding the linkage mounts higher on the bottom of the frame (Mid-Difficulty) (thank SoCalXR, et-al.)
      See Link (2)
      3) Modify an existing swinger from some other bike, or even a whole new frame (CR85R? / KLX110? / SX65?) to fit, and then running linkless. (thanks SettinTrendz, et-al.)
      See Link (3)
      What do you reckon the best REAR END SUSPENSION LIFT OPTION for a play-bike/Minimoto?
      I'm 145lbs, 6ft tall. (ya, string bean) and before these mods, was riding the bike pretty much as hard as I could. I want something that'll hold up to the abuses of a full size human railing on it off road at the OHV or in the city. 
      Thanks ya'll.
    • By Avorocks
      Hey everyone, new member here.
      I recently traded my 2001 Honda 250EX for a 1985 XR200R. The bike is tight all around and looks like it wasn't used much in its life. However, there is a noise coming from the engine that's not from the crank. It's up in the head somewhere. I adjusted the vales and started the bike up, only to hear a slightly quieter noise which led my father and I to believe that it's the Cam chain. If the bike ends up needing one, where can I find an aftermarket chain? I've checked eBay, xrsonly, and the normal part sites and I am not able to find anyone who has a chain in stock. I called my local dealer and they said they could get one for $70, but I just think that I can find it online for cheaper. It doesn't have to be OEM.
    • By Tbahr
      Guy's, After cleaning carb. When running at idle I'm getting a surge. I can lean the bike to the right & the idle decreases. Leaned left it increases. This is after cleaning the carb. Throttle is not binding, cable is routed properly, slide is in properly, no timing issues, no valve issues, filter is clean, fuel is new, spark is good, it runs good, plug is a touch on the rich side. My thought is float level off? See a video of this phenomenon at
    • By jvolz541
      I have a 1997 xr200r and ive only had it for a few months. It seems to run pretty perfect has good compression goes through all the gears good and all that. Last time I went to start it it fired up first kick with choke all the way on then died shortly after which happens kinda often so i wasnt too concerned. Then i turned it to half choke and tried again which usually works but it didnt and after i few more kicks it made a loud popping backfire sound from the muffler. Now when i try to kickstart it it wont start and only backfires after few kicks or so. I recently crashed into a tree and put a pretty good sized dent in the muffler which caused the baffle to come loose so I ended up removing it. Im not sure if this is what caused it or not but it's the only mod I've done to the bike since getting it and it happened a few rides later. I have now removed the carb to check it out and clean it but other than that I'm not sure what to do. Any tips or input would be awesome. Thanks!