Boring part 2...What else do you guys ride???

Through email just found out that another TTer and myself have basically the same 3 bikes KTM 4 Stroke, YZ 4 Stroke and xr 100's. So what does everyone else have besides the honda mini's?

01 RM 125

1998 honda civic

10 year old donkey named Frank.

1992 kx 100 tricked out to the max. works 80.

What a coincidence, I named my donkey Frank as well :)

how do i get a FRANK donkey :)

what kind of mods does frank have :D

whats the seat height...can i fit?

Frank is short for Franklin(which he outgrew)

- polished hovs(sp?)

- braided tail (ask my elves; they did it)

- urine pan

sweet, got pix?

how about a megaphone exhaust :)

oh.. and pro taper clamp and bars (straped to ears)


lol you guys are funny! :)

See, there are other ways to pass time, we can talk about hunkin's "sweet ass" until spring. :):D :D

I ride a highly modified GSXR-1000 180 plus top speed and sub 10second quarter miles just was not enough! :)

Have an 83 ATC70 all tricked out.$$$$ :) Forks from a 72 CT70, Honda Cub front tire, ITP rims, Lawnmower turf tires, K&N pod, Cobra exhaust, New blue seat cover, Renthals, Powdercoated pieces, and custom painted tank(pearl white with flames) :D

I'd like to se pictures of that (ATC70)!

When I was a kid i had one of those and I use to love to ride in the snow with it.

If I ever figure out this magic box with with all of the pictures and words in front of me I'd be glad to send you some. :) Seriously, that kind of stuff is next on my to do list. Still learning.

I was thinking of getting a donkey for tight trails and the occasional basketball game, but am considering a mule for more top end. The stubborness issue does concern me though. Anyone? :)

Just hang a carrot in front of it and you are good to go. I actually played donkey basketball once in high school and it was rather amusing. (By this thread can you tell it's winter) I didn't pay attention, but I bet everyone who replied is like me, it has not been above freezing in a couple weeks.

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