Potential Wr Owner with Questions

OK first of all, how do you perform a search? I am looking to get a 2006 WR 450 and convert it into a daily commuter/weekend off road warrior. It is about a 20 mile commute one way. What I am trying to search for is how often would I change the oil, what kind of mpg would I be getting, with or without the free mods and if this is a good idea? I am sure that the answers have been posted already and so if somebody can point me to the search function, I would appreciate it. But feel free to answer my questions if you would like, thanks

I would think you could get away with changing the oil ever 2 weeks or so ridden on the road .

You can use it as a commuter.But you are going to want to do it.Its a dirt bike.Not one little bit street bike.It vibrates,rough ride,winds out, and doesn't like to be mistreated with non maintaineance.The WR is worthless without the free mods and a YZ or aftermarket pipe.Worthless.

You probably will get at least 30+ miles per gallon.

There are better choices.But it will get you to and from work on your 40 mile daily ride.The bike wont like it.And you wont like it.

If you want to feel like you rode your dirt bike to work.Then you will like it.Cause you did

Read Musings post about his Wr that he rides on the road

The search function is towards the right side of the page about 1/3 way down the page

In the dirt, changes are done typically at 10 hours of run time. For a woods bike, you will average about 30 mph, with a fair amount of clutching. For the street, 750 miles @ 50 mph is change time more or less.

I am changing the oil in my 07 wr about every 800 miles "600 if I'm in the dirt a lot, "and the oil filter every third time Mine is supermoto'd but I doubt it makes any differance as far as fuel mileage. I get like 45 mpg beating the tar out of it on the street and like 53 mpg riding kind of normal . I've also got a dual sport setup for it but I hardly ever put it on.

At the top of the forums their is a tool bar. Click the search option. Then click advanced search. Choose the fourm you want to search in the window on the right. Enter your key words in the box at the top left. Click the search now button at the bottom of the page.

For what your looking to do with it you might want to consider a XR650L or if you want more power a plated XR650R, easy to plate and fantastic on the road with good offroading capabilities.

I would consider the wr250x or wr250r. A plated wr is good for trail connections via the road and occasional commute. You will burn off your offroad tires and suffer with them on the trails. My wr is plated and I rarely ride it on the street anymore.

I have a supermotard setup on my WR400 and love it. 20 miles on the highway would suck ass. Seriously. I don't like doing more than a few miles on the highway, even with full street tires (120/70-17 in front, 150/60-17 in rear) and street gearing (forget front, but 45 tooth rear when dirt is 50 tooth). Too much wind, too narrow, and not enough motor for sustained highway speeds. But a 30+ mile commute on twisties through the woods is a blast!


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