PMB Spark Arrestor

What is a used PMB spark arrestor worth? I have a line on one that supposedly has one or two rides on it. THe guy wants $85 including shipping. All of the places that have them new are $120 plus shipping. ANy suggestions on what I should offer him?

I'd give $75 and pay shipping for one! :)


My wife gave me the go-ahead to get a new one instead of used. EMail me at and I will get you his email address. He told me he would accept $70 plus the cost of shipping and he claims it was used only once.

I wouldnt buy a used one. Since you have to drill the holes in it to match the holes on the can. If you used someone elses the holes might not line up and look sloppy. If it was for $40 bucks or less then I could live with that.

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