Utah Riders. Riding Cherry Creek this Sunday!!!!!

"live_to_ride" and I are going down to Cherry Creek on Sunday the 26th of January. If anyone else is interested, give me a call at 330-7886................Danny :)


Do you know how many miles you travel at Cherry Creek? My YZ is limited to 45 miles. I would like to come down, but I don't want to run out of gas in the middle of the desert.



I'm not too sure. I have not been there yet. This will be the first time for me. I am going down with "live_to_ride". I met him on this forum. If anything, my bike holds 3.17 gallons of fuel, and if you run out, I can syphon some of mine out for you. Or I can blast back to the truck for the fuel tank. I get about 100 miles or so out of my bikes fuel tank. So why don't you count on going and it should be a blast. LMK.................db


Very nice website. I thoroughly ejoyed it.


Check your PM.


I just spoke with John (Blackie), and it looks like he will be in as well. :D:):D:D He said that knolls might be a good place to go this time of year. So... I'm game for knolls, cherry creek, sand dunes, and everywhere else you can ride a bike. We'll just stay in touch and plan on going where ever ya'all want to on sunday!!! Rock on!

Chris :D

This sounds Great!! Finally get to meet some new riding partners (Hopefully). Sunday it is! Keep in touch.................db


Cherry Creek is awsome, But depends were you go. It's got some nice single trac up in the trees, but the back sides may have snow(depending on what happens this weeks weather) I'm going to ride from Eagle mtn down Lake mtn's, past Little Moab, and Laguna, then over to Eurika,for gas, and from their to Cherry creek, Back to Vernon,for gas, Past Five mile, stop in Cedar fort for gas, then back to Eagle mtn, Round trip should be about 200 miles. Longest strech between gas should be about 70 miles max.

Are you doing this trip this weekend??

I might not do the full trip but I think I will go to Eurika and back, but not all the way out to Vernon and Five mile.

I am going to Deseret Peak MX track in Tooele tomorrow with blackie and some other people. we are meeting at Canyon Bicycles on 12300 So. in Draper at 10:00 am and driving over. You can meet us there at the shop or out at the track.

Update on Cherry Creek. We are now going to Knolls instead this Sunday. Please PM me if you are interested in going. Later...............db

330-7886 Danny :)

Rock on! As long as I can ride there, I'm game!!!! See ya sunday and sorry I can't make it tomorrow. I need three days advance notice to get work off.



live_to_ride is in, blackie and friends are in, I'm in with two other buddies of mine, Jimmy called me today (just met him) and he and a friend are in. It looks like it will be a blast. Thinking about doing the 20 mile loop as well.

Anyone else care to join us?? I will be up there at about 1000 am. See you there.................db

330-7886 danny

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