03-05 Devol Rad guards on 07?

My local shop has had these radiator guards for ever. They are for 03-05 450, and im just wandering if they will fit my 07 450 before i go snag em.Thanks

most likley not, if they are keen on selling you them, they should let you take them out of the package and see if you can modify them a little to fit , it would be close.

my rad guards are from my 05 RMZ 250, i had to a little cutting and welding to get them to fit my 07 yz 450F.

Thanks for the idea:thumbsup:

Are they real heavy.:moon:

I hate to see a lot of top end weight.:moon:

I noticed a big differance on my bike when i bought the DR.D pipe that allows you to drop the radaitors about an inch.:thumbsup:

You will notice it.

Just my 2 cents

might look at the Works Conection.

I have been using more and more of there stuff.

Thanks for the idea:thumbsup:They do have a little weight to them, but not much. Im going to start racing gncc so i have to start beefing things up. I agree on not having alot of topend weight. How do you go about lowering your radiators?I assume the dr.d pipe drops down low.I know the stock pipe is about an inch from the radiator.On a sidenote,it's snowing. I love to ride in the snow:)

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