Pro Taper bars- EVO or Contours

Hey guys,

I know which bend I want, but should I pay extra for the EVO bars?

Are the Contours just as good?


I like the countors they cost less and come with a bar pad. I feel the contours are adequate.

If you like to crash hard and often I would go with the stronger EVO. I cartwheeled my bike through the whoops last year and even though my front end was tweaked among other things the bars stayed as straight as the day they were new. Some luck too I suppose.:thumbsup:

I have had some pretty violent crashes and my EVOs are still straight.

I really like my Contours.

I got the Reed bend, but if I had it to do over I might get a higher set even though I am only 5'8".

Although this is a minor detail, I like the fact that my countours came in black. At the time, EVO's only came in one color.

The Reeds aren't tall enough, but mostly, they're too far back. (I'm 5'10")

Evo's actually have a thinner wall thickness. They are supposed to be light. I bought contours because of the thicker wall. I'd rather them not even think about bending.

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